In-home fan engagement.
Powered by Fanzio.

Fanzio SAAS platform is the complete fan package with an
in-home speaker and device.
We empower clubs with a season long program that is everything they
need to build, Launch and distribute team news.

CSP1128 Daily Fan Button - For Template.

 Fanzio Button - BT

the coolest

fan devices

in the world.

New Fan tech

Smart Button with speaker that magnets to your fridge.

Your team at your fingertips

Press to hear over 100 great Team and Player sound bites. 

Play to win!

Experiences + rewards unlocked through the Team Button and App

Lightning Link

 Driving more fans to your team app more often through our Lightning Link.


We are fanzio,

 a sports engagement engine.

We power great experiences at home for sports fans.

We are here for teams to extend their digital reach from the
stadium, now to a direct link with fans at home.

CSP1128 Daily Fan Button - For Template.

Your team at your fingertips...


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DJ Nini

CSP1128 Daily Fan Button - For Template.