A sports engagement engine to power great   
experiences at home for sports fans.  


We are here for teams to extend their digital
reach from the stadium, now to a direct link
with fans at home.

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In-home fan engagement.
Powered by Fanzio.

Fanzio SAAS platform is the complete fan package with an in-home speaker and device.

We empower clubs with a season-long program that is everything they need to build, Launch and distribute team content and experiences.


A unique B2B SaaS Platform 

Helping the worlds biggest teams convert their fan base of millions, into subscribers

  • Driving acquisition.

  • Delivering ongoing engagement.

  • Helping to reduce churn.

  • Creating new inventory.

Through beautifuly designed smart gadgets

Pairing digital with the physical, we provide teams a unique channel directly to their fans.

With the capabilities, virality, and scalability 
of IoT, SaaS, and the cloud.


Operationally integrated with teams’ digital media and marketing systems, processes,
and outcomes.


Delight the 10%

Retaining existing members

Our devices are re-imagining member gift solutions from the current offering of scarves, caps, and stickers.

Excite the 90%

Acquire new financial fans

Enticing “Next Gen” fans through cool tech to be included as a part of the Subscription Swag.

  • Laser Focussed: in-home, 365

  • Non-financial fans (the 90%)

  • Experiences through an owned channel

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 Fanzio Button - BT

Probably the coolest

fan devices in the world.

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